Rainbow Ridge News

Tommy Roberts and Feieda Holt visited with Tom and Jewell Johnson recently. Tom and Jewell are doing fairly well and still thank the Lord for their blessings.

Norma Stillings attended the Dawson-Bragg Family Reunion held Saturday at the Senior Center in Mt. Vernon. Norma drove to Springfield and her daughter, Debra Bohnstedt, drove the rest of the way to Mt. Vernon.

The Dawson Cousins are descended from Daniel Boone Bragg and Norma is descended from Daniel’s younger brother, John T. Bragg. They were sons of Thomas C. Bragg whose family had moved to Greene County with Nathan Boone from Calloway County where the Boones and Braggs had settled after leaving Kentucky. Thomas had served in the Mexican War as a private at the age of 26, then he was Captain of the Webster County Home guards in 1861, then he enrolled as a private in the Union Army later. While in the Union Army, he had driven a horse drawn ambulance, and at a later time was injured in a train accident. Records show that he was mustered out in 1864. Norma’s sister, Melva Lupton, had done a lot of research on the Bragg Family before her death and left that with Norma.