Quad Cities

8-20-12. Once again I will try to think of something a little bit interesting to write about. I’m afraid it won’t be very interesting though. We’ve been getting some rain and cooler weather. What a relief! The grass is growing again and it’s starting to keep Walt busy cutting it. He cut this grass a couple of times since it’s been raining and we’re going to the cemetery to cut over there this afternoon. I’m gonna laminate a new enlargement of Jeff to hang on his shepherd’s hook.

We haven’t done much this week  (past week), just one trip to Tipton, I think. We haven’t talked to anyone except I exchanged a few texts with Anita and Rob. Rob had dropped his phone in the river while fishing so he had to get another one, but he didn’t like it at all so he said he’s got another new one now.

The little hummers are migrating now and the air is full of them out here around the clothesline where we’ve got five feeders for them spread out between the house and tree. Quick as one of them lands on a feeder or the clothesline, another one swoops down and chases it off and there they go. I don’t know how they can save up any energy for their long trip south as much as they’re using up chasing each other. I managed to get some good pics of them yesterday though by snap, snap, snapping them for a long time. I guess the Gold Finches are getting ready to go too, because they have come back around to eat out of their feeders! The little chickadees are eating their seeds too. And the sparrows, doves and bigger birds eat the seeds off the ground where they drop out of the feeder. The pretty bright red-orange orioles are back too. For some reason they always drink frrom the hummers feeders instead of drinking from their big one. The little black and white woodpeckers drink from the orioles feeder and the hummers do too. When they can sit still long enough. Anyway, they’re migrating too. So there’s a lot of them around now. Seems like it’s all early this year, but here it is almost September.

I need to call Kay in Vancouver and see if the fires are near her. I meant to do that over the weekend, but let it slip by. Just like all the times slips by. That is so terrible about all the fires in so many places, taking so many homes and everything else in their paths.

We approved of our Olympians. They sure did good.

There’s been a lot going on in the Quad Cities this summer as usual. Only more every year. President and Mrs. Obama were in Davenport one day last week in the village of East Davenport. They were outside this time and of course they had a lot of people there. She made a nice speech first, then he gave his speech. Afterward they went into a little ice cream parlor and both had hot fudge sundaes. Saturday they had a Floatzilla trying to break the record for the most canoes and kayak. They said there were more than 1,600 paddlers Saturday. There were people from fifteen states and three foreign countries this year. They have to study the pictures taken from the air to be sure how many boats were in the water. The record is 1,902, so they probably won’t beat it this year. Maybe next year.

Then of course there is the big Bix Run. There’s always thousands and thousands of people come to run that in July. I think runners from Kenya always win. They say they run everywhere they go over there. Anywhere they need to go they run. I should have kept up running when I was young and ran all the time, because I had such a short amount of time to get to where I was going. I probably would be in good shape now. Oh yes, I just remembered that we went out one day and shot arrows into the new target Anita got Walt for his birthday. We really enjoyed it. My sight was messed up on my bow so I didn’t do near as good as him, but he fixed it so I’m anxious to try it again.

The drought and heat and Japanese Beatles ruined most of my flowers this year. The Hollyhocks wer so tall and loaded down with bulbs as thick as they could get all the way to the top. It was so hot  I didn’t go out much, then I was out there one day and the Japanese Beatles were all over them. I sprayed them, but it was too late. They had already killed them. They were eating on the roses too, but I think I sprayed them in time to save them and the Surprise Lilies are usually just thick all along the length of the sidewalk, but this year just a few little bunches of them came up. My Petunias all died except two or three blooms. They usually last all summer until the frost gets them in the fall and the pretty and tall orange Day Lilies that are the length of  the side of the house that faces the road didn’t come up at all hardly and didn’t bloom very long. There used to be some beautiful dark red ones along there too, but they didn’t come up at all. It’s disappointing, but I have no right to complain about something so minor as that when all over the country people are losing everything they own to the wild fires. I sure do feel for them.

On Wednesday we plan to go to Muscatine so I need to get some things ready to take to Goodwill and some more of Lisa’s things to her and I have to go to Tipton to get my test strips for my blood sugar. I have been there two or three times and they didn’t have them, but said they would call the clinic for a refill, but don’t guess they did so I stopped at the clinic the last time and waited until they called them in and went back to Wal-Mart and they said they hadn’t called in yet. We had ice cream in a cooler in the car so we had to come on home. So I will call and see if they have them yet before I go. I’m about out, but I’m making them last as long as I can.

And that’s “a week in the life of this reporter.”

So take care of yourselves. Bye, bye for now.