Quad Cities

8-13-12 How about those Olympic games? I could hardly take my eyes off them. And London did such an excellent job (in my opinion) in the opening, closing and everything in between. I’m so proud of our Olympians from the good old U.S.A. and another good thing, we’ve been getting rain and cooler temperatures, what a relief! There was over two and a half inches of rain in our rain gauge. Everything’s usually so green in Iowa in the summer with all the corn and bean fields and it sure looks odd to see so much brown. Some trees even losing their leaves. Almost all the grass is brown. I know it’s that way all over the midwest and farther. Some of the farmers have been either plowing their corn under or cutting it for silage. We’ve been keeping busy as usual.

I had the two appointments in Tipton, two in Muscatine and we had two at Lujacks in Davenport. August 6th was Walt’s birthday so we went to Muscatine and I bought his breakfast. One reason we went there is because one of the waitresses has the same birthday as Walt so we usually go there and celebrate with her too, but she wasn’t working that day so we left her card with Lisa. They weren’t very busy then so we got to visit more with Lisa than usual. After we ate we went to Lujack’s for a minor repair and Rob and Sharon met us there to give Walt a card and wish him a Happy Birthday. They were going to buy our lunch, but it was still early so we weren’t hungry yet. After we got through there we came back here and went up to Tipton and got gas. That was on Tuesday then on Thursday we went back to the Quad Cities for Walt to do his errands, we both did some shopping and met Rob and Sharon at Hyvee and they bought our lunch then. It’s always good to see them and visit with them. Rob is still in a lot of pain all the time. They both had chiropractor appointments so they didn’t stay long. Dee was busy helping his neighbor so I told him we would come by his house if we had time, but Walt was so tired after he had run all his errands and we ate and went back to Wal-Mart for him to do some shopping. I even stayed in the car so it wouldn’t take so long in there. Then we hit the interstate and headed for home. All the way home every once in awhile Walt would take a deep breath then let it out and I knew he was really getting tired. I’m sorry we didn’t make it over to your house Dee. Maybe next time. Next time will be here before we know it. August is going so fast. I guess partly because of watching the Olympics so much. We are getting ready to go to Tipton so I need to finish getting ready. Oh yes, I finally got to see Minnie Snoddy’s granddaugther. She’s back at work at Tipton Wal-Mart. I gave her a card and a hug. I asked her if she remembered “Uncle Roycie” and she said, “Yes, he used to babysit me when I was little.”

Well, I guess I better finish getting ready so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.