Oak Grove Church

Priase the Lord for sending us some much needed rain. We enjoyed a beautiful Lord’s Day this Sunday complete with the rain we have been asking for, lets not forget to thank Him for all His many blessings.

While I was out of town on vacation (for the last two weeks), the ladies of the church hosted a Women’s Prayer Brunch and were blessed by the attendance of 72 prayer partners. They had guest speakers, singers, testimonials, great food and fellowship. From all reports a wonderful time in the Lord.

Our morning message was “Four Journeys,” in reference to the returns of the children of Israel to the land of promise, and how that relates to our life and times today from our text in II Peter 3:9-11.

Then our evening message was “Holy Unto The Lord” taken from I Peter 1:15. We did have plenty of extra seating this week, you are welcome to come and help fill up the sanctuary any time, and yes you can bring friends or family, there’s room for all. Come join us in the worship of the Lord.