Oak Grove Church

This week we have some pretty fantastic news. You may have seen the ad in last week’s paper about the Seniors Youth Camp to be held at Piland Youth Camp. Well, it was, at least according to all those who were in attendance a spectacularly successful event. We had 35 campers who took part in classes, crafts, recreational sports, a hayride, swimming and lots of good Christian fellowship. There were daily devotionals and gospel preaching each evening.

We also had special guest speakers: Officer Brian Thompson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and Judge Craig Carter who gave inspiring presentations and connected with the campers so well we were sorry when they had to leave.

The theme for camp was Psalm 119:105, “The word of the Lord is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

Each evening we heard messages on the light in different portions of scripture and were blessed with eight new Christian brothers and sisters, and twelve young people rededicated themselves to the Lord. Our prayer is that they will unite with their home church and always carry on the commission of sharing the gospel with the lost.

Our Sunday morning message, here at Oak Grove was, “Flowers Turn To The Sun,” with an emphasis on our own obligation to, “Turn towards the Son.”

The evening message was taken from II Chronicles 19:4 entitled, “Turn Them Back unto The Lord god of Thy Fathers.”

When it started to sprinkle I thought you might be scared of the lightening and come to be our guest, well, I am still saving you a seat, so come be our guest. Hey, it’s not like we are going to charge you, come visit as our guest, and may God richly bless you, and grant you peace for the chuck holes, in the roadway of life.