Norwood Gleaning

The senior dinner was on the 14th and there were 24 present and it was good to see Joan Williams back. She is slow mending, but she says the worst was behind her. Those eating with her were Linda Vanderbogart, Ronnie and Janet Atchison and their two grandchildren, Christian and Charity, Linda, Shirley, Mark, Denver, and Wayne Cottengim, Bonita Raney, Leon Pendergrass, Jr. and Alberta Steinert, Earlene Dennis, Jack Chadwell, Ruth Bradshaw, Phil and Sue Durden, Delta Forrest, Merry Bell, Joann Sanders and Hubert Strunk. The next dinner will be at the Union Grove Church on Sept. 11. This is for all our senior citizens in this area. There is a lot of good food and fellowship. Let’s try to see this number go up. Come with a story from your heart and a smile on your face.

Sorry to hear Donald Dabbs passed away. I like to picture him working on something mechanical behind his house with his grey work clothes on. I never saw him any other way.

Freeman Yoder’s son Devon (age 16), broke his arm a couple week ago. It wasn’t healing right, so he has to go back in and have surgery on it. We wish you well.

Sherry Stidham was taken to the hospital a week ago. She is now in select care in Springfield, recovering from having two layers of her skin removed off of one of her legs. Sherry, we miss you at R&M Cafe.

There is going to be a new business opening soon, beside the hardware store. Man’s Cafe owner is Tommy Kingery and the operator is Annie Carpenter. They are working and cleaning the place up.

Talked to Connie Dugger at the post office and as of right now, she will continue to fill in as post master and the hours have not changed.

Congratulations to Shelby Gray. He married Nicki Lawson from Fordland Saturday night. His parents are David and Barb Gray of Norwood.

Sorry to hear that Edith (Bradshaw) Sinning passed away. She was a sister of Luther Bradshaw, Juanita Sinning, and Betty Davidson.

If you would like to plan ahead for Farmer’s Day this year, it will be held September 29. If you have any ideas or would like to help, please call Ronnie Atchison at 746-4473. They have a kids parade and main parade, so you can decorate and fix up a tractor, old car or truck or make a float.

A young girl, Mikayla Rogers, didn’t get to go to school her first week. She had her appendix taken out Friday evening. She is the granddaughter of Earlene Dennis and the daughter of Joe and Aleth Rogers of Norwood. Her mother teaches fifth grade at Norwood.

This week there were 45 birthdays. I can’t possibly write them all down, but I can say Happy Birthday to you and I will keep writing our anniversaries down if anyone lets me know someone’s special day. Ronnie and Janet Atchison’s was on the 13th. They were married 35 years. Kenneth and Kathleen McIntosh will be celebrating theirs on the 24th, and Cory and Kim McIntosh will celebrate their’s on the 28th.

Talked to Ruth Bradshaw this week and Leo and her are doing great. She is so happy to have Shirley Cottengim coming in and helping out. Shirley also took her to Springfield and had a grand old time.

“Fun Facts:” One of the businesses in the early 1920’s was: J.M. Ellis and Sons. They sold goods for nearly 60 years. They were an important factor in the material development of this community. In the 20’s it was a modern two story brick building which was stored with staples, dry goods, clothes, shoes, grocery, feed and flour.

*Challenge or thought* — Remember that everything has God’s fingerprint on it!

If you have any news, call me at 746-1112 and until next week, God bless our little town.