Mt. Tabor Church

It was a great day to be in God’s house, thanking Him for the rain and all the blessings He bestows on us. We continue to have many to pray for, especially the lost and the bereaved.

Brother Ric continued his message this week about church growth and the need to encourage others to come to hear the word, whatever it takes to get them here.

Old Folk’s Day will be Sunday, September 9, 2-4 p.m. We invite everyone to come join us for the afternoon of fun and fellowship. We would like you to have a part, a poem, song, reading or remembrance of times past, or just be a listener.

Mae Cox accompanied Donna Nichols to Dogwood Nazarene Church Sunday afternoon for the wedding of Miss Anna Peebles. Mae said it was a beautiful wedding, a lot of hard work put out and a beautiful church.  Other company this past week for Mae was Tom Nichols, Lisa Johnson and Jesse and cousin, Gavin.

Visitors with Bessie Hall this past week Jewell Elliott, J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett, Carla Wilson, Evelyn Bryan, Kim Clements and Kay Hutchison.

Chestene Lietch was happy to have visitors to help celebrate her birthday which was Tuesday: Darin Lietch, Cameron and Brooklyn, of Phoenix, Larry and Marsha Miller and Kalynn, and Carol Herd. We add our best wishes to her, also.

Mary Ann Hathcock continues to make improvement from her illness. Their visitors this week were Jim Hathcock and Jack Lafferty, Wes and Pat Smith, John and Jo Stephens, Kay Hutchison and Dennis Shumate.

Martin reports his sister, Wilma, of Raymondville, has been quite ill, perhaps a little better at this time.

Pat Lansdown took her mother, Myrl Cox, for her doctor visit where she received a very good report. They also did some errands while out and about.

Gary and Stephanie Mishler spent Friday and Saturday with her grandparents, Harold and Kay Hutchison. They returned to their Carl Junction home Saturday night.

Kay Hutchison and Stephanie Mishler attended the Camp Youth Board meeting at Camp Piland Saturday morning. Their was a good turnout of members with questions and problems to be solved.

Harlin and Shirley Hutchison and family joined Harold and Kay Hutchison for lunch Sunday after church.  Kim Clements and Morgan and Sarah Claussen visited later in the evening.

Tom and Jewell Elliott visited Albert and Doris Elliott Thursday evening. They also attended a birthday gathering in the home of Jim and Carla Hearod for Rocky and Lois DeGase, Saturday.

Jewell visited with Imogene Madewell last Friday. She visited Monday with Don and Evelyn Bryan.

Nina Carter stopped  in at Tom and Jewell Elliotts Monday evening.