Missouri Prevailing Wage Rates Set

Annual Wage Order No. 19 Now in Effect

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Labor Department announces that the state prevailing wage rates have been established and are now in effect for use on all Missouri public works constructions projects.

The Annual Wage Order contains prevailing wage rates for each occupational title in every county and the city of St. Louis. The prevailing wage is the minimum rate that must be paid to workers on public works construction projects in Missouri such as bridges, roads, schools, and government buildings.

The Labor Department’s Division of Labor Standards is responsible for gathering wage information from public and private commercial construction projects statewide on an ongoing basis from contractors, labor organizations, and public entities. The wage information is used to determine wage rates for each of the 26 different occupational titles and their subgroups for every Missouri county and the city of St. Louis. The highest number of hours reported for a particular wage rate for an occupational title in a county becomes that county’s prevailing wage rate.

Annual Wage Order No. 19 is now in effect. To find out more about the Missouri Labor Department, visit www.labor.mo.gov.

Employees working on public works projects not receiving prevailing wages need to file a complaint (http://www.labor.mo.gov/DLS/PrevailingWage/file_complaint.asp) or call (573) 751-3403.