Little Creek

With only a couple of unmeasurable showers, we are still thankful for the cooler weather and hopeful of more rainfall predicated for the weekend.

We’ve had enough rain to start the lawns to grow and Burr mowed ours. It was good to hear the mower after only brown grass for so long.

Kasey spent Friday morning with me and Charlie came one day bringing canteloupe.

I went with Alma to club and Kevin brought me home early. Everyone was present except Barb, who was not feeling well. Most all the men were out to help us enjoy the very delicious dinner.

Robyn Tetrick and granddaughter, Kendra, came to church Sunday and then had dinner with parents, Jim and Jean Frye.

Ruth has been sick and we missed church Sunday. It was a long day for me and I finally got ambitious enough to make myself dinner, even so far as to make a pie. I remembered other dinners and other times at Ma Degase’s table.

Every Sunday after church everyone converged there without having to be invited. The women soon had a scrumptious dinner ready and served, as long as weather permitted, on the big old screened in porch. The table was homemade and covered with oil cloth. Isn’t it funny how easy it is to take a trek down memory lane? How many remember the oil cloths that graced the table of yore? Not to compare to the flimsy easily wrinkled plastic tablecloth you can buy today. They were substantial and pretty and it was always exciting when it came time to choose a new one. They came in bolts of different patterns. The oil cloth has not been improved upon nor the kitchens of yesteryears, even though it had only a bucket of water and a dipper and one small cabinet which amazingly had everything needed to cook a meal for a large family. Then there was the safe for the dishes and the wood cookstove with a reservior for hot water and the warming oven over the top. The coffee pot was always on the ready with no need of a plug in.

But most of all I remember the people who graced that long ago kitchen. They lived to enjoy electricity, with the running water and other conveniences and their lives were made easier, but I sometimes long for the simple time especially when I’m alone on a Sunday or when the bills come due and how wonderful it would be to be able to go to a little old store and buy a pretty oil cloth that didn’t wrinkle and stayed in one place when you wiped the crumbs off.

Speaking of dinners and get-togethers – our Degase family and friends reunion will be held this Saturday, September 1 at the Masonic Lodge behind Town and Country Supermarket. There will be music so be prepared to participate if you would like to.

Oh, I almost forgot to write that Autum Miller enjoyed getting to go to Jayce Atchison’s birthday party. Granny Jean took her. Happy Birthday to Jayce.

Until next time, be happy!