Little Creek

Everyone here is saying thanks for the two inches of rainfall. I lost a burning bush and some of my trees have brown leaves.

Burr and Ruth, Greg, Karen and Nicole, Jody and a friend, Russell Hunt, have been my local visitors and I was pleasantly surprised yesterday (Sunday) afternoon to have cousins, James and Karen DeGase come by bringing a cousin from California, Sandi DeGase, Torres and husband, Juan and her mother, Lucille and Gil Bauer. Sandi is J.T. DeGase’s daughter and J.T. was my dad’s Uncle Elmer DeGase’s son. It was very nice to visit and take pictures.

Nicole Robertson spent part of the weekend with mom, Karen and Greg Evans. Nikki and Greg are signed up to play softball in Ava and so they had a practice session Saturday. Their first game will be next Saturday.

I received a nice card and letter from Lorene Maloney and I want to say hello to Lorene and Cindy.

Not much news this week.