Little Creek

The rainfall seems to have renewed hopes in some causing fall gardens to be planted. There’s nothing better than fall green beans and cucumbers are not bad either. We still are having tomatoes and peppers. It will be hard for awhile not having fresh produce. Those who were fortunate to have good vegetables to can will not lack for homegrown food this winter.

For all this I’m thankful.

My son, Burr, brought me potatoes and onions he had harvested before digging up the garden. We still have tomatoes.

Greg and Karen also have worked in their garden. She brought peppers which I canned .

Our church services were good. Bryan Degase read in I Corinthians and he and others discussed the scriptures.

Kevin came by Wednesday and picked me up for club. The quilters were all busy quilting and chatting. We are all caught up on the back log of quilts we had for so long. This is the first time we’ve ever been completely caught up. So if someone would like us to quilt for them, they can contact a member of our club. My address is HC 2 Box 60, Wasola, MO 65773 or call Jean Frye at 417-265-3668.

Autum Miller visited with Jayce Atchison Tuesday while her grandma did her shopping in Ava.

Ruth’s granddaughter, Paylie, stayed Sunday with them and went to church with us. She is a sweet, little girl and growing up so fast.

I’m scarce on news and so will close with sending regards to all my friends who tell me they read my items. God bless you all is my prayer.