Little Creek

What a wonderful morning! This Sabbath Day we awakened to a world renewed. The freshly washed landscape, with ponds refilled and Little Creek running again made us want to praise God and give Him thanks for the four inches of rainfall and for all His bountiful blessings.

Everyone was smiling when we gathered in God’s house to study, pray and sing together.

We had a good time in class discussing our lesson in St. Mark and other current issues as well.

Joseph and Devin quoted scritpure verses they had memorized and Burr delivered the message from Genesis and Revelations and scripture in between of how we must always guard against the lies Satan tells us. We do this by using the Bible and the truths therein to defeat his subtle tactics.

Karen and Nicole came today bringing peppers and tomatoes and Kasey came Saturday and spent all morning with me. We had a country breakfast together. Burr, Ruth and granddaughters, Evonni and Paylie, visited me also on Friday. The girls spent a couple of days which they as well as we all enjoyed very much.

Greg had to take Dylan back to Texas this weekend. It seemed like his summer passed very quickly. He will be back for Christmas vacation from school.

Autum Miller has been visiting great grandparents, Jim and Jean, and has been enjoying riding her horse. She came to club and had a great day together with Wanda’s grandson, Jace. They played hard all day and got along really well.

I enjoyed club and I have hemmed two quilts lately. I finished the Degase Reunion quilt which is made of blocks made by family members. It is a sample quilt and quite beautiful.

And I must remind everyone that Saturday of Labor Day weekend is rapidly approaching, so finish your craft items and remember to be with everyone at our reunion. We will sadly miss those called home to heaven. Our family is shrinking and the younger members may not continue the reunions when it comes their turn to make the plans to come together. Times are changing, but we hope our family always stays close and that the young ones keep our traditions.

I am saddened that our young people are tempted by the awful drugs that rob them of a future. It hits close to home often for many families and is heartbreaking when a young person we love has their life ruined when they have barely began to live. We can only caution and pray that our kids will resist ever trying the abundant stuff out there. And shame on those that make it possible and easy to get our kids addicted. There is a special place reserved for all who sell the synthetic junk and for the parent or parents who use with their own kids. I have been so sad recently for our kids and so angry at the older persons who should have to pay for their actions of cotributing and believe me they will pay.

Please pray that God will intervene and pray for those already lost in the drug scene and that it is not too late to turn their lives around. I have an unspoken request for prayer.

My sister, Jo, called and sounded good. Chris was with her. Jo’s granddaughter, Kelly Jo, will soon be going home to start school. You do not get lonely when Kelly Jo is around. Everyone will miss the back massages she gives so willingly and will miss her caring ways.