Little Creek

Sad news this time from our community for a familiar and long time neighbor, friend, and loved one, Newt Delp, was taken from us.  The sad news is that he will be missed in our lives but the good news is that Newt accepted Jesus and was saved.  Burr and Ruth who prayed with him told of the joy he expressed when he talked of Jesus and of his assurance of heaven.  He was thankful for a wonderful friend in Ruth Evans who talked to him of salvation and was with him I understand when Newt made his peace with God.

Newt was a good hearted man who would help anyone anytime help was needed.  The large crowd of friends and loved ones who gathered to say a last farewell attest to the friendships and love he had earned.

Newt has been a member of my family for 57 years having married my sister that long ago.  I’m so thankful our family was of one accord and that we all aim to meet again in a better place where we’ll once again be young and free from pain and where we can walk  and run again but this time on streets of gold instead of these old rocky paths that we have all known.  Everything will be made new in our heavenly home.  We will talk of Newt and will miss him.  Please keep his family in your prayers.

I didn’t like to miss church Sunday, but was so tired that I didn’t feel up to getting ready.  I had been inspired and enriched by the messages being brought by Burr and by “Sister Mom” Dyanna (I’ll explain the name later).  I especially appreciated Dyanna talking of my mom and of how she had been influenced by her.  I know we all were inspired by mom and by my Aunt Audree.  They were women of principles who didn’t believe in straddling the fence.  There was right and there was wrong and no in between and I agree that those in betweens will get a person in trouble.  I admire those two and others who were examples of what moms should be.

I have found myself indulging this past week in reminiscent encounters of past years, catching glimpses of joys and laughter and tears and sadness I have remembered mom and Newt together and of them fussing at one another in a familiar and loving way and of how much they enjoyed the games their family played together.

I know that my mother made an impression on Newt’s life as she did on all of us.  My mother loved her Lord above all and lived her life quietly witnessing (but sometimes loudly) to our family of God’s abundant love and pointing us to a Savior who forgave our sins and who loved us enough to shed His blood on that old rugged cross so that we could all be gathered together with Him and our loved ones again.

I guess I got off track in writing news but I never know when I start to write where my thoughts will take me and I am so forgetful of the news items that I must write them down as they happen.  I often fail to do that.  So bear with me and maybe next week I will remember to write what I forgot this week.

I must close before I ramble further but will leave you with a thought for the day – If you lighten the way for others, you’ll never be in the dark yourself.