Sunday evening, August 19th J.J. Downs and his parents, Dennis and Jenny Downs hosted a birthday party for J.J.’s son, Emery, who was three years old. Those attending were great-grandparents, Bud and Frances Hampton; great uncle and aunt, Jimmy and Ginger Gastineau and children; great aunt, Lisa Downs and children; Seth Schroeder, uncle Jacob Downs and James and Linda Orick. Jenny baked a chocolate cake and cupcakes. Emery enjoyed the toppings, toys and money he received.

Sunday, August 26th James and I stopped by Sybil Harvill’s. I left something her grandson, Keith, wanted. They were eating dinner. I saw a roasting ear in a pot on the stove. I said, “Who’s is this? Mine?” They said yes. I came back out and James said I looked like a beaver gnawing on a tree. I was hungry. Of course things taste better at your sister’s house.

August 19th Garrison had 74 present for Sunday services. Melaney Stevens sang a pretty song.

August sure has a tendency to feel like fall with some cooler weather and sounds of the bugs. Crickets have been around for a while. Flowers are doing a re-run on blooming again.

Several around Garrison are finding dead deer near where they go for a drink of water.

George Morrison is busy putting in an irrigation system in two locations. He stays pretty busy as a beaver.

Jerry Nelson had several family members the last two Sundays. His kids and grandkids are always dropping in.

Kim Jones said her mom, Judy Walker, had been sick after her surgery. She was better this weekend.

Wednesday, August 15th Lisa Ellison left us a message her grandmother, Edith Maggard, was not expected to live.

We sat with Judy Walker’s family while she was in surgery. Her daughter, Kim, attends our church. We also visited Teena and Jolly Johnson. We showered and then returned to Ozark. Edith lived until August 21st thenGod called her home. She wanted her service conducted as a church service. Her granddaughter, Lisa Ellison sang and her grandson, Rev. Lee Maggard read the obituary and did prayer. Rev. Keith Lafferty led two congregationa songs. Her granddaughter, Bobbie Hicks, was pianoist and also gave testimonies. Rev. James Orick spoke a few words and had prayer. Rev. Keith Lafferty brought the message and a salvation message and told people if they needed to be saved to let him know. It ended in song. Edith was my first Sunday school teacher at Mt. Olive years ago because next month, September 9, I will be 60 years old and I was saved and baptized when I was 9. Edith was the primary back then called beginners class teacher. She used Sunday school cards. Rev. Alva Bennet held the revival and pastor, Preston Maggard baptized several girls on Easter Sunday.

Tyler Clevenhagen and Kim Hall were married at the Hall farm Saturday, August 25th. It was real nice. A large crowd attended of family and friends. Rev. Ellis Carpenter married the couple in the field by the creek. Bro. Ellis asked James to pray the opening prayer. We wish the couple many happy years together. The wedding was very nice.

Sunday night at Garrison Baptist Church Gordon and Zelda Jones were honored by their children, Russ, Brenda and Tammy and their families. A beautiful cake and punch and finger foods were served in honor of their 55th wedding anniversary. Their pastor spoke and read scripture and talked about Gordon and Zelda and they have always kept their family in church. The Bible says to train them and they did.

Sunday attendance at Garrison was 72/ You all come and worship with us.