The cooler weather sure is a treat. The farmers have had a hard time with springs, and ponds going dry, raising less hay, and hay and grain prices are sky high. The cattle market will go down, it already is. People have sold cattle they did not want to. The the gardner watered them several months, varmits and insects ate them, most gardens sure didn’t produce good. Racoons ate our peaches, oh well, it won’t hurt them a little on the green side, they may have a tummy ache. As the Bible reads this to shall pass. Seems like it just doesn’t pass fast enough.

We had a great service all weekend. People let God lead them in testimony and prayers. Our Sunday school superintendent felt led to have testimonies before we took our classes. Sunday night a woman joined our church. James spoke for a short while. Bro. Brett Stevens led us again in a wonderful testimony meeting. Praising the Lord is what it is all about. I saw where they had 68 on the board. And wonderful news of one last week being saved at our 11 a.m. services. One rededicated and one wanting to get her family and herself in church. Pray for these young ladies and all their needs we pray were met at the altar. Love to worship with you at Garrison Baptist church on Hwy. 125 between Bradleyville and Chadwick.

We know a young woman who had surgery and the news wasn’t good, pray for the family. We have lots of sickness.

Valerie Austin visited her grandmother, Iona Maggard Sunday.

Tim and Tracy Stepp and her mother, Sue Rozell, visited in Tennessee with the Stepp’s son and family.

James and I stopped by George and Shirley Jones’ and Brett and Melany Stevens’ before church Sunday night.

David and Glenda Halcomb were planning on attending a family reunion on her side of the family. David and Junior visited Saturday morning. Jolly Johnson stopped by. Thursday James and I visited at Junior and Betty’s. Betty and David visited her niece, Sue and husband, Bill Guerin. Junior and Betty visited James and I Saturday evening. Just like old times. Maybe when the weather gets cooler they will make it more often.

A few Sundays ago Junior and Betty Halcomb, Connie Siler, Brad, Patty and Adalynn Siler visited Garrison Church. What a surprise. It is always good to be in church with family.

John and Connie Siler were planning a birthday party for granddaughter, Araina Evans, Sunday evening with family members attending.

Rev. Bill Applegate passed away Sunday evening. My sympathy sent to the family. Bill and Bucker Nelson visited Bucker’s sister, Gracie Williams, on Saturday, Ralph Hutchinson went down Sunday evening to Bucker’s to visit Bill and he had passed away. Bill loved it down here in the country and God called him away while he was visiting the Nelsons.

Primary election is over and now on to the general election. We had a nice place to work on the election. Several voters came out.

Sorry to hear Phyllis Adam’s mother passed away.

Better close as it is time to go fishing.