Everyone was thankful for the rain. Not much news only it has been a hot, dry summer. I had items wrote and then I didn’t mail them. No one is visiting much.

Garrison Church had a great Bible School. One night we had 47 with 22 helpers. Average attendance was 41. We had a full house on Family Night. James and me got to meet some nice people just about every night. We thank the other churches and people in the neighborhood for helping out.

Sunday after Bible School we had 81 for church services and 61 for Sunday school. I am so far behind on my items, I believe the next Sunday we had 58. This Sunday we had 70. This Sunday the Delmina Woods girls and staff came. We had wonderful altar services. We hope everyone got what they prayed for. We had another wonderful altar service on Sunday night. We are thankful for all our visitors.God has blessed James with some good messages. As someone said while dismissing Sunday night said, we enjoyed the sweet spirit. Come join us at any or all services.

Friday night we enjoyed the program at Eastern Gate Church. They had a good Bible School. Later we visited Jolly and Teena Johnson. We took Jolly some garlic to plant. We had a good visit and prayer before we left.

Cammie Guerin, Danny Herd and Hailey Roberts are all doing good after being in the hospital. It has kept James and me pretty busy.

August 2nd was Dad’s birthday. We rode our four-wheelers up to the cemtery. We stopped by and visited Gary and Sandra Harvill and Jerry Nelson.

Gracie Williams has been having leg trouble, but is better. Her brothers and their wives, Jim and Alice, Billy and Daisy, enjoyed vacationing together.

The rodeo at Chadwick got a good soaking Saturday night.

Last week Sam and Eva Lawrence, Kenny and Anna Goin, Jerry and Lavern Hall, Jerry and Jancie Hawkins were riding four wheelers to the chapel at Ongo when it rained. They took shelter in James’ big barn. Jerry and Lavern were celebrating their 57th anniversary. We wish them many more.