Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home, this is Thursday evening and it is raining- oh, so nicely!  We are praying for a good soaking!  We have had a busy day with exercises and activities and our regular volunteer, Ruth Evans, with us and then our Pastor, encourager, Jeff Smith, spent some time with us and talked about how wonderful it is to practice forgiveness! It is a great relief to know we are forgiven and , also, when we forgive others!

We have a very difficult jigsaw puzzle on the table and Ruth worked on it awhile today.  It is all kinds of earth tones and hard to distinguish the different hues.  You are invited to come work on it, if you wish.

We had an excellent guitar player and singer visit us yesterday.  Garry Hall and Frank Cornett, they played the old-fashion songs for a couple of hours.  We were blessed by the picking and the singing.

We had Zumba one day–now that causes some movements! Residents that can hardly walk get moving with Zumba!

Oh, yes, Willlene was so exicited about the van ride this week.  They went down to Bull Shoals Lake, she and a number of residents were the lucky ones that got to go.  They just barely got back in time for lunch.  Harold Boch enjoyed that trip too!

I have enjoyed so many van rides just on the back roads because I had never traveled any of the country roads of the county to know where they went and where they came out.  This has been an education for me and I appreciate my county more because of it.  Now I know where most of the county churches are located and what they look like when I read their news columns in the Douglas County Herald.

Carrie McIntosh called games Friday afternoon and Erich won the prize of a wind-up railroad car.  He had a lucky streak today during game time.   Evelyn called games Tuesday and she passes out goodies to everyone.  Wilda Potter also called games during the week.

We had Ava General Baptist Church for our worship services today—good preaching—good music.  We appreciate it!

Bro. John Haskins led our Sunday school discussion this morning at 9:30 to a larger than usual crowd and Bro. and Sister Lee’s daughter and her husband were special guests.  We had a number of special prayer requests—Oh, so many special needs!

We would like to welcome to our home Elizabeth Howard, Cecil Fergerson, Martha Goodrich and Edna Frye.   Congratulations to Paul Walls on getting to go to Ava Place this week.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.