Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Last Weeks News – Hello from our home to your home. The weather is the biggest concern for everyone, it seems, because it is so dry and everything is about to die.   You wouldn’t think it would bother us in the home, but it is really on our minds.  We have been encouraged to pray for rain and ask God to bless us with showers each day.  God is withholding the moisture for a season, for some reason and it is not for us to understand, but it makes us realize what God can do and seek Him as the giver of all good gifts.

Some young farmers were in yesterday after being at the sale barn selling some of their cattle.  They say even hay is hard to find here locally.  However, Life goes on here at the home as usual according to our  posted schedule.  People coming and going all the time.  I saw James Fleetwood in the hall this morning so I visited with him.  I know he enjoys being home with his wife, Alice.

I tell you, we have really been missing our activities director.  She does need a vacation now and then because we work her so hard, but we sure miss her activities  here.  She did come in one night and put our new August calendar up with the theme “Back To School”.   We will be having reading, spelling, math and geography with Ms. Kelly Brazeal as our teacher.  We have wonderful colorful posters of pronouns, verbs, nouns and math problems.  We miss her “cock-a-doodle-do” at the Red Rooster Cafe each morning, and her exercise leadership, and many othter things.

I appreciate what Misty’s mother wrote for the Herald last week. I’ve observed Misty for the time that I have been here.  She is so bravely trying to hold on to any enjoyment in life possible for her and we all try to help her, it seems so little we can do.  It helps to know her faith is strong and true.

Our faithful encourager, Bro Jeff Smith the chaplin from Three Rivers Hospice, was here visiting today.  It is always good to see him on visits and he always has time to bring a Bible message for all of us as a group and leads in some spiritual songs for us to sing.  It makes the day brighter, somehow, and the load lighter!  He works for Three Rivers and pastors a church near Seymour, MO.  May God bless his work is our prayers.  And may God Bless America and keep her a Christian nation always and forever.

I came to my room to rest awhile and to look out my window.  The yard was just swarming with young people just working like beavers building a lovely flower garden out by the the new arbor. The kids were on a mission working with Spring Valley Youth Camp under the direction of Spring Valley Church.

Our home is blessed with wonderful volunteers, some play music, some call Bingo, some just visit with the residents.  We are a very blessed home.  Before I finish my part of our little article, Saturday evening and night God blessed us with wonderful showers of rain.  Everything is refreshed and soon will be greening up.  Oh, what a wonderful blessing!   Even though the lights went out we were thankful for the rain.  Several of us ventured outside this Monday morning and smelled the fresh morning air and lifted our hearts in joy and thanksgiving.

We would like to welcome Cecilla Boos, Joe Newhart, Esther Hester and Taylor Hale. Congratulations Alice Judy Silvey on getting to go home this week.  God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.