106º was our high both yesterday and today, 95º would seem much better wouldn’t it?

Tracy Griffith Hannah, Devin and myself spent from Friday until Monday of last week in Moberly visiting Debbie and Shelby Hutchison, Jamie and Devin Snodgrass, Bailee, Lauryn and Hayden.  I spent Monday night at Tracy and Dave’s and came on home Tuesday.

Karen and Doug Fredrick had supper on Friday with Sirena, Jared, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw of Mtn. Grove; they had gotten a good shower up that way.

Chris Hartzell of Cabool visited one evening and stayed for supper with her grandma, Ann Collins.  I visited Ann Collins Sunday evening.

Beverly Emery visited Sunday evening with Sharon Driskell, she stopped by here and picked up her Avon.  She is looking forward to getting to open her beauty shop, maybe in the next week.

Karen Fredrick drove to West Plains Monday to meet and have lunch with her daughter, Sirena Bradshaw, who works in West Plains.

Not much news, everyone stays in pretty much I guess. I am about to get “cabin fever”.

Extending my deepest sympathy to the families who recently lost loved ones.

Birthdays coming up in August: Cole Bradshaw the 3rd, Amanda Russell the 6th, Patty Stephens the 28th, Shirley Chandler has a birthday in August but I’ve forgotten the date.

Until next time, be a good neighbor and God Bless.