Well good Monday morning to all my friends and neighbors.

We surely did appreciate the small amount of rain we got yesterday afternoon.

I talked to Michael Shawn in West Plains and he said they were getting a down pour.

We had really good services at Frye Church with dinner and fellowship.

I guess everybody has heard by now that Roger sold his milk cows. Yes, he did and he loved his job just all the headaches that went with it was too much. He’s got lots to do, I told him if he runs out of jobs just come across the road. I’ve got plenty for him to do. It might be like milking though the pay might not be very good.

I had a big surprise yesterday afternoon. I got home from church and watched the ballgame with Ethan. We’re St. Louis Cardinals fans. Then I laid down for a short nap and someone said “Grandma” it was Amber with her two little girls and Greg’s sister. It sure was good to see them. We had a good visit. Rayme got to go watch Uncle Bub feed the calves.

This being Monday morning I’ve got lots to do so I guess I’d better get busy.

No news here to write about. So until next time stay cool and pray for our leaders and our boys and girls in the military.