Well hello to all my friends and neighbors.

My goodness we had a little shower of rain this afternoon. Sure made it cool off and feel good.

I talked to Michael in West Plains, he was sitting on his porch watching it rain.

We had good services at Frye Church this morning. This being the last Sunday of the month, we had dinner and fellowship after services/

Kelly and Audean took me to Springfield to my doctor appointment on Thursday.

I’ve not worked on my quilt blocks lately. I’ve been reading the most awesome book, “The Harbinger” if you like to read it’s a really good book.

I don’t have any news to write about.

Ethan went fishing Saturday night with the Bass Club . He and his fishing partner, Pete Pearson, came in first place and Ethan had the big bass for the night, so he was a happy boy.

We all need to get out and vote for we need more farmers in the office. I’m thinking it’s about time for the Lord to come and rapture us out of here. This world is getting in a mess. Our farmers are all having to get out of the dairy business because the feed prices are much higher then the milk, but when we go to the store and it’s $4.00 a gallon and I was told it’s only 98 cents for a gallon in Texas. Something just isn’t right.

Well I shouldn’t get started on that, but I do think we need more farmers or house wives in congress!

I’ll just shut-up for today!

You all take care, stay cool and pray for our leaders!