Faith Rock Church

The first thing we did at church Sunday morning was to thank God for our good rain.

Jerry and I were on our way to the Oldfield Opry Saturday night and about Dogwood Hill when the rain started and we got hit by some hail. When we left the Opry at 9:30 it was pouring rain and the lightening was bad most of the way home.

We had a wonderful spirit-filled service, both morning and evening. We had been praying all week for Bro. Ross Martin who had been in the hospital the last week and a half. He had brain surgery Sunday before last and now he faces having some toes removed, but will need to get circulation back first. There are several things the doctor is wating on, but everyone has been praying for him and he is better the last I heard. Our pastors have been back and forth keeping us informed. Sis. Martin needs prayers also. I want to wish her a happy birthday which was Saturday the 4th. I head the family was taking her somewhere special for dinner to celebrate. They have a large family and I think they have all spent time being there with him at the hospital. Families are great when they come together.

Bro. Bob Fleetwood taught Sunday School Sunday morning. His key verse was Ephesians 1:7, “In whom (Jesus Christ) we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.” I also want to wish him a happy birthday.

Our youngest granddaughter, Addison Wallace, also had a seventh birthday. They celebrated by taking her and a friend and sister, Albany, to Incredible Pizza, where they met Aunt Teresa Gloyd and granddaughter, Lily, there. We went over before church and enjoyed her beautiful cake and watched her open gifts. I also want to wish Sis. Mary Mason and Sis. Barbara Martin, two of our sweet ladies, a happy birthday this week.

Pastor Benny Dewitt preached both services. Sunday his message Sunday was Mark 4:35-41 and Acts 8:14-24 titled “Let Us Pass Over Unto the Other Side.” Sis. Loretta read a letter we received from Bro. Joe Brown, who we help with missions and he sent a letter of appreciation for our help, we also help with Neighbors Helping Neighbors, here in Ava.

We enjoyed lots of special singing and having visitors Sunday night.  I enjoyed the service at Life Church Sunday before last. Our granddaughter went to Bible School there and they did a good job having their program that morning and the message and singing was very much enjoyed that morning.

Albany went to camp at The Assembly of God Camp. She has been part of the Missionettes for a long time, but this was her first time going to camp at Lake of the Ozarks. We appreciate what our churches do for our youth.

We were saddened to hear of the death of Bob Barnum last week and also Harold Bradshaw, whose wife, Voyldean Bradshaw, had been our piano player at the time of her death in a car accident and we surely missed her as we have her sister, Sis. Jean and Loy Heinlein. We were also sorry to hear my friend, Betty Delp, lost her husband, Newt Delp. May the good Lord comfort you all.

I haven’t voted yet, but we need to pray for those that are elected. The primary election will be over when the paper comes out. So we are hoping whoever gets in will be able to keep their word to the voters.

School will be starting next week. I have a grandchild in first grade and one in fifith grade. I hope they all have a good experience this school year and treat others as they would like to be treated. Pray for all our teachers also and watch for our children when we drive.