Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I know it has been a while since I have written. My mother has reminded me I need to get my article in the paper and today at church Violet said she had missed my article.

You know the old saying when it rains, it pours. Well, it seems to usually work out that way. We have a dear friend and neighbor in the hospital. She has been there for two weeks now and still needs lots of prayers, her family also need our prayers. We have been to see her three times and there is always family there with her to help give her love and support.

My sister-in-law’s mother passed away last week and I seem to find that it falls in patterns of three, and it did. A dear friend and preacher, Bill Applegate, passed away. He used to call me his barefoot piano player. He would come down to our church sometimes to preach. Bill was a good preacher and a wonderful man. We also lost a precious lady, Edith, a most wonderful Christian lady. We may be sad at this loss, but heaven is rejoicing to welcome these new voices into their angel choir.

I went to the nursing home to see my mother Saturday and found out that my aunt had fallen and broken her hip. When I talked to her kids today, they said that she had surgery on it and was doing pretty good.

After all of this bad stuff, on to some good news, we have been receiving some much needed rain. God is surely blessing us. We have had enough rain that we picked two grocery sacks of green beans Friday night. That of course, means that I spent most of Saturday canning green beans, but we will eat good this winter.

Sunday, our crowd was down a little, but we still had a good service and the altar was full. We had a lot of special prayer requests. Sunday night we had Jon Mitchell bring us the message from God. Both men brought their message from Acts. It seems like God had both men on the same place in the Bible just a little different thought process. Donald preached about Paul being willing to die for God, and Jon preached about making sure you have God in your heart before you go out to face evil. If we listen with our hearts God will put the right words in the right place at the right time.

I know I have asked for a lot of prayer requests this time, and a lot of folks have unspoken prayer requests. God says if two or three ask in His name. I’m asking everyone who reads this and believes in God to say a prayer for those they love. Remember God still answers prayer.