Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

What an exciting time we have had here on our mountain this week. We have been in Vacation Bible School and we have had a blast. We had a wonderful group of kids and lots of helpers. We even had a group of teenagers that came and did a fantastic job of helping with the younger kids.

We tried something different this year. We just had two classes, one for the younger kids and one class for the older kids. The older kids had three different teachers (Wanda Hutchinson, Tammy Gunter and me), which meant only having to come up with one lesson for at least two of us. The kids did a great job listening to their lesson. Jon helped Wanda teach about why we have the Lord’s Supper and why it was called the Passover. Darrell helped Tammy teach the kids about working together in the church to serve God. They even had a game to help teach about working together. It involved water balloons so you know they enjoyed that game. I taught about the fruits of the spirit, what they are and what they actually mean. It’s hard to understand something if you’re not sure what it all means. We also share having a craft for the kids, so they had some different help each night. I know some the kids sure enjoed the marshmallow shooters that Darrell helped them make. Erica and Heather were the young kid’s teachers. I think the parents always enjoy getting a picture of their kids. The t-shirts are always a hit with the kids.

Friday night was parent’s night. We started off as usual singing our new songs for them. Destiny and Desiree, led them in one of the new songs, then we went to our classes to show what we had done in class. Of course, being Baptist we had to eat. Now the best part I have saved for last. All the kids that learned a memory verse received a water gun and we had them full of water. We put Roger and Pastor Donald in a certain area and the water fight was on. What the kids didn’t know was that Roger had bought two big water soaker guns to fight back with. I do not think there was a dry person anywhere in that church yard. No one was considered safe. Roger and Donald almost emptied their guns on me, before they even started on the kids. I think they had that planned and I didn’t even have a gun. It didn’t take me long to find one though. There was lots of laughter on top of Eatern Gate Mountain Friday ngiht. God’s people are supposed to have a good time together and enjoy each other’s company. We all had a good fellowship this night.

The kids gave Donald a t-shirt with a verse about walking in the spirit on it, and that was his message for us Sunday. We had a good service, even though a few were gone on vacation.

We still have a few people, we need prayers for. God did answer our prayer for rain. And I know if we all pray together, if it’s in His will, He will answer our other prayers too.

I guess I better tell all my family in California, Hi. Mom is doing good, I went to see her Friday night for a few minutes. This was school shopping weekend. I went with my granddaughters and I think they wore me out. Sunday afternoon, we went to Ava to have family pictures made. I think my kids were all too tired to get very many smiles. Maybe they were missing their Sunday afternoon nap. They were much happier when we fed them all pizza. I do love being around all my kids and grandkids. God has truly blessed me with a great family.

God has also given us a beautiful mountain top to worship from so, if you are looking for a church we have lots of room in our church and in our hearts for you to come and join us.