Dogwood Ramblings

So many of our citizens do not have access to the comments I often share, and I share them in the hope you see the wisdom they offer.  At a gathering last week two different women commented on this column – and they don’t live in the Dogwood area.  Their comments were favorable and they indicated how much research I must do to be able to share pearls of wisdom from our forefathers, and to present information not easily available.  My reply was having such good friends to send me information and of course, the Internet.  So far, I have researched the candidates for election (where there is more than one) and the Constitutional Amendment.  I recommend this to all who have access to the Internet.  Also, you are encouraged to vote!

Beyond fidelity to the Constitution, there is the broader fidelity to the social, political, and economic order that the Constitution was designed to govern.  Here the implicit promise is something like the one made by physicians: “First, do no harm.”  Do not harm the economy by throwing away a trillion-dollar stimulus to nowhere, or by vastly increasing the size of an already dangerous national debt.  Do not harm the health care system by turning it over, in its entirety, to the Department of Health and Human Services.  Do not rend the social order by trying to blame the nation’s problems on those Americans who already carry most of the tax burden, or by deliberately seeking to increase the ranks of those dependent on federal goodies.  Do not squander valuable resources on failed energy companies run by your campaign contributors.  Do not take a bad situation and make it immeasurably worse with policies that have a proven track record of failure.  Dennis Hale, Political Mavens 7/24/2012

“[N]either the wisest Constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” –Samuel Adams

“Freedom is seldom destroyed all at once. More often it is eroded, bit by bit, until it is gone. This can happen so gradually that there is no sudden change that would alert people to the danger. By the time everybody realizes what has happened, it can be too late, because their freedom is gone. Thomas Sowell, Patriot Post, 7/23/2012

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.  James Madison, the Federalist #51

We had a quick rain providing us with ¾ inch of rain, and two showers that did not register in the rain gauge.  They did make the air a bit humid for awhile and dropped the temperature below 100 degrees.  Church attendance has been down the last couple of weeks, probably due to vacations and possibly due to the heat, in spite of the church having air conditioning.

Some of us on Dogwood Hill have been having problems with mail delivery (we do miss Terry Ireland and his helpful and courteous manner) so I contacted the P.O. supervisor at Seymour and since have learned others have had problems as well.  The icing on this cake was when a lady showed up at my house with my mail as she said it was too important to hand back to the carrier.  She was correct.  I had ordered new checks and that package was delivered to her, up Z Hwy at the county line.  I thank God it was an honest person who got that package.  Can you just imagine the chaos if that package got into the wrong hands?

What matters in this world are all the acts of love – great and small – that God works in us, if we’re open to Him.  God bless, keep cool, watch for neighbors especially the elderly and pray for rain, again and again!