County Line

Jordan Hensley and Seth Hensley of Hartville visited their grandparents, John and Jo Stephens, on Monday.

Megan Goforth visited Kileigh Graham on Monday afternoon.

Donna Dodson, Quin and Macee Breeding were here on Monday. The kids took all their school supplies to school on Monday night.

Donna came by on Wednesday.

Juanita Kazenski of Illinois called me Wednesday.

Donna took me to lunch and shopping on Friday.

Reece Goforth attended the Football Jamboree at Mountain Grove with Ethan Gunter and his family. He spent the night with Ethan Saturday night. Keith Breeding, Reece and Megan attended a birthday party Sunday afternoon for Jada Gunter.

Megan spent Friday night with Kileigh Graham and Saturday night with David and Donna. Quin and Macee spent Friday night with David and Donna.

John and Lisa Hensley of Hartville visited John and Jo Stephens Saturday.

Mike and Corrina Dodson, Chase and Bryse, attended a birthday BBQ for Zack Miller Friday night.

Jacob Litwiller spent Saturday night with Bryse Dodson. Chase Dodson spent Saturday night with Blake Litwiller.

Joe and Kim Scott, Riley and Tipton of Texas recently visited Uncle Johnnie and Debra Reed in Kansas on their way to Colorado and Nebraska to visit their Grandma Valentine. On their way home they stopped in Lynchburg, Kansas and had supper with cousins, Brittany Torres and Tiffany Ayala and families.