County Line

David and Donna Dodson, Chase and Bryse Dodson, Reece and Megan Goforth, Quin and Macee Breeding all visited me on Monday.

Donna took all the kids to the pool Monday afternoon.

Chase Dodson got his football equipment on Wednesday. Reece had band practice on Thursday and performed Friday night at the Booster Club Rally.

Reece spent Wednesday night with Ethan Gunter.

Megan visited Kylie Graham on Wednesday then Kylie came home with her and spent the night. They and Keith and Melanie took Macee to Springfield on Thursday for an ear doctor appointment. Quin and Donna came by here on Thursday.

Donna and I went to town on Friday and Saturday. Melanie and Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee went with us Saturday, we all went out to lunch.

Michael Dodson and Chase visited David and Donna Saturday afternoon. Chase and Bryse spent the night with them and attended church Sunday morning. Megan and Quin went also.

Butch and Diana Davis visited Donna and David Sunday afternoon. They picked some tomatoes while there and dropped some by here.

Colby and Kyle McCullum spent one night with Reece Goforth and he spent Sunday night with them.

Get-well wishes to all the sick. Donna was off work all week due to a toe injury.