County Line

Happy 10th Birthday to Bryse Dodson. He celebrated by going to a Bow Shoot and to Springfield to pick up his gift on Saturday. He had cupcakes on Sunday with mom and dad and Chase then spent the night with David and Donna. Megan, Quin, Macee and Chase all stayed too.

Reece Goforth spent Sunday night with Porter McCullough and Wednesday night with the McCullums.

Quin Breeding spent Sunday afternoon with Uncle Kenny Breeding and family. He spent Friday night with Braden Koop.

Donna Dodson, Megan and Macee were here on Tuesday. They took me to the doctor for bloodwork then we came back and made breakfast.

Debra Reed of Kansas called Wednesday. Linda Rogers of Illinois called on Thursday.

John and Jo Stephens came by on Wednesday.

Donna took me to Springfield Friday to the doctor. We went shopping and had lunch. We met Danny Bushong at Republic for a visit and to look at flooring.

Donna and David had Bible School at church Saturday. Megan, Macee, Quin, Emily, Ashlin, Cedrick and Dominick all went.

Max and Kathy Stephens of Rogersville visited John and Jo Stephens Saturday.

Congratulations to Eric Stephens on receiving his Master’s Degree.

Donna and Macee visited June Dodson on Thursday. David and Michael visited her earlier in the week.