Church of the Living God

Wednesday night service started out with prayer.

Prayer requests were many – Shelly Lynn, Bonnie B., Don Graham, Jean P, Debra in Alabama, Al, Kevin Pittman, Boyd and Betty Boyd, Hitt family, Pauline Richards, Chad and Shantelle, Teresa, Wanda C, unspoken and all of the children returning to school.

Chad’s sermon was very timely. If it had a title it was, “More Than Conquerors,” Romans 8:37.

In today’s world we have to be more than conquerors, and we can be “through him that loves us.”

Here are some of the tools we have to have.

Prayer and Supplication – supplication means “to reinforce or extend,” “something added to.” Pray without ceasing, pray to God, have a conversation with him, he listens.

Another tool, is standing on God’s promises.

The next is peace. The only real peace, the everlasting kind is through Jesus.

The next one is praise. Praise God when the answerr comes through. Have praise on your lips all the time, not only in the good times, but when you don’t know which way to turn, He’s there.

God gives us the right to claim all His promises.

Sunday morning and what a beautiful one God gave us.

Prayer requests for the morning service were Shelly, Bonnie, Linda P., Missy, unspoken, Marvin and Don Graham, our military men and women, Israel, Wayne S., Linda R. and family and our nation.

The morning message was about being humble. In the Bible it tells us of a woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears and dried them with her hair and kissed them also. The washing of feet was a custom in the Bible days because of walking everywhere and the wearing of sandals. Could you and I or I should say would we bow down and wash someone’s feet? Are we that humble and Christ-like? Jesus washed John’s feet.

During our evening service we had our Third Sunday Night Singing. It was a beautiful service. There were a lot of special songs and God’s spirit was running free. Come and be with us for Third Sunday Night Singing if your church isn’t having a service. You will enjoy it. We are located on the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.

If you are looking for a home church, come by and see what we are all about.

The Bible we use is the King James version and we do let God have His way in the services.

Our service times are Wednesday evening service at 7 p.m., Sunday morning Sunday school at 10 a.m. and evening service at 6 p.m. Gary Moore is our pastor and can be reached at 417-543-3785 or at his home 417-683-6547 or contact his wife, Bevy, at 417-683-8106.

If Jesus suddenly appeared in the flesh, in our church, would we stop what we were doing, talking about things that need not be talked about in church, or would we even recognize Him? Think about that.