Church of the Living God

Our speaker this past Wednesday evening (August 1) was Brady Bennett from Seymour.

His first scripture was Luke 4:1 – he spoke on Jesus being tempted in the wilderness, his title was, “Are You Trading Your Crown For This World?”

Satan will offer and tempt us with the things that we really are much better off without.

Trading our crown for the things of this world. The goods of this world are attractive and beautiful, “just a few will that hurt me?” but can we stop with a few? If we turn to God He will make a way of escape, I Corinthians 10:13.

Read I Peter 5:8, there is a way to overcome.

The ladies meeting was Saturday morning at 10:00.

We had many prayer requests – Ryan, Tabitha and the girls, Norma J., unspoken, lost loved ones, many more and God knows who they are.

The title of Bevy’s lesson was, “What Are You Worth, What Is Your Value?” to God? To your family? To friends? To your church? To your spouse?

To God we are of great value and worth, He gave His only son to save us.

Family, setting examples, doing all the things for our family in the home.

Spouse – helpmate, friend, some one to talk to and give quality time. Church – be the salt of the world like Jesus said in Matthew 5:13, verse 14 says, “Ye are the light of the world. Mark 16:15, go into all the world and preach the gospel. We all can’t do that, but there are houses and streets, nursing facilities, aged people who are home bound, and love our neighbors.

Do we fall short?

The evening message was, Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me, Mark 8:34. Taking up the cross and following Jesus will cease to make our life about me, me, me. We all can be disciples if we cast out “self.”

Praise the Lord for the wonderful rain we received Saturday evening.