Church of the Living God

The Wednesday night service on July 25th was conducted by Chad Emmerson. His first scripture was Matthew 5:13 which tells us, “we are the salt of the earth,” it goes on to say, “if the salt has lost its savour” verse 14 tells us “we are the light of the world.” Are we? Are we doing all we can to spread the word? How is your salt holding up?

Matthew 12:30, states “he that is not with me is against me. If we are not gathering, we are scattering.

Matthew 16:26 states “what profit have we gained, we have the whole world and have lost our soul.” Someone said “get good for God.”

Sunday morning service had many prayer requests, Don and Marvin Graham, Bob Barnum family, Linda Prest, Bevy’s sister, Jean Porter, Pat and Bob, Frank Milam and his wife, Joan.

We need to say a special prayer and thank God for our salvation.

What does the name of Jesus mean? Philippians 2:9-11, wherefore God has exalted, highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name.

Verse 10, at the name, every knee shall bow, verse 11, every tongue shall confess, Jesus Christ is Lord. Only by that name can we be saved, by that name, the lame have walked, blinded eyes opened and the dead raised.

“What a name!”

John 14:15, if we love him we will keep his commandments.

John 16:24, ask in my name and you shall receive.

“What a lovely name, the name of Jesus. Do we fully claim the name of Jesus and are that come with it?

Evening service hadn’t been going to long, until God blessed us with rain. For this we give thanks to God.

The evening message was Ephesians 6:10-19. Putting on the whole armour of God, covering all the vital parts so we can withstand the blows Satan gives us. I will not list all of them, but reread them. Is all your armour in good shape, are there any weak places in them?

Verse 18, admonishes us praying always, watching with all perservance and supplication.

We are at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St. Come see, visit or decide to stay.

Wednesday preaching begins at 7 p.m. and Sunday morning services begin with Sunday School at 10 a.m., morning service at 11 a.m. and evening services at 6 p.m.

Pastor Gary Moore can be reached at 543-3785 or at home – 683-6547 or contact his wife Bevy at 683-8106.

If god seems far away, guess who moved.