Caney Church

August 15 – Caney Church met Wednesday evening to praise the Lord and study His word. Bro. Jeff Shipley took charge of the service by taking prayer requests and praise reports. Bro. Bill Austin led in prayer. Jeff read Deut. 13:1-15, 18:20-22, Jeremiah 23:1-4, 14:14 and Revelation 19:20-21. He taught about false prophets and what should happen to them. Their fate was terrible. We should be careful what we teach and are being taught. God will hold us accountable, make sure you read and study God’s word for yourself to know what it says. They were wonderful scriptures and we had good thoughts from everyone.

Study to show yourself approved by God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Come worship with us. You are welcome if your church doesn’t have Wednesday evening services.

Sunday was a beautiful day to worship the Lord. Sunday school opened with singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. We are thanking God for the rain. We have many things to ask of God and thank Him for. Bro. Jeff Shipley led in prayer. Jack read Psalms 33:1-5 for devotional.

After a very good Sunday school lesson, Happy Anniversary was sung to our good pastor, Bill Austin and his wife, Melba. God bless them.

Gracie Shipley played the piano while Mattie and Tracy (mom) Shipley sang. Testimonies were given by Jeff Shipley and Vanessa Mills.

Praise and Worship began with congregational singing. Jim Lafferty and Melba Austin did specials. Pastor Bill spoke from Deut. 6:12. If we forget Christ, what will it be like? Remember to thank Him for all He’s done. A nation that forgets God will be turned into Hell. Please pray for our country. Even in our troubles we should remember God. He won’t forget His child. We are engraved on the palms of His hands. A very thought provoking message.

We opened Sunday service with Kelvin Whitaker leading in prayer. We were blessed to have Bro. Ed Hunsaker and singers with us. All I can say about our service this evening is WOW! What a joy to have the Hunsaker Family Singers with us.