Breedon News

Danny and I have been watching a hornets nest grow since spring.  It’s near the road so we can see it as we drive by.  We first noticed it when it was softball size and now it’s just about basketball size I think.  They really are pretty, from a distance that is, and with the window rolled up!  It’s low hanging about 4 ft. or so above the ground.  I have read that when the hornets build nests high in the trees they are predicting deep snow.  So, if our hornets know what they are doing, our winter should be mild.  We’ll see!

I think Cox Hospital is getting way too much business from my family lately.  My Mom, Diane Shortt, has been in and out and then in again because she broke her achilles tendon.  I was at the hospital for Mom’s 2nd surgery and I found out my cousin, Tena Johnson, was still in the hospital, I thought she had already made it home.  So, I buzzed up the elevator and visited with them for a little while.  Jolly will be glad to have her home again.  No one likes a long hospital stay.  And now my grandfather-in-law, George Welker, is in the hospital too.  So, keep them all on your “Intensive Prayer” list.

Breedon hosted the 4th Sunday Singing last Sunday.  Wish I could have made it.  Danny and Sammy went on without me and they said it was really good and there was lots of people there.  Angel was back in church last Sunday with her newest bundle of joy, Waylon.  I got to hold him.  Ronnie and Sue Thomas’s grandaughter, Jacelyn, got to hold him and she really loved that.  Waylon’s big brother, Noah, sat with me for a little while.  Angel has very cute boys!  Angel has already started talking about a Christmas program.  Wow, it’s just around the corner.


We finished the book of “Acts” in Sunday School.  The last two chapters are really exciting with stormy seas, a shipwreck, a snake bite, and Paul finally makes it to Rome.  The next book we will study is “Romans” which was a letter written by Paul to the church in Rome.  Cub’s sermon was about children obeying their parents and how we as Christians are like children and need to obey our Heavenly Father (Ephesians chapter 6).  I guess when we get frustrated with our own kids, we should stop and remember how God feels when we don’t obey him.

The last time I wrote the items I mentioned that we do Bible Trivia Challenge questions in Sunday School.  One of the questions was, “Who put salt in the water to purify it?” The answer is “Elisha” and you can find that in II Kings 2:21.  Connie Lee lives over at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center with his sweet wife Leah Mae and he sent me this next question to share at church.  It’s a good one!  “What is the one thing in heaven that was man-made?”  I’ll give the answer next time.  We appreciate it, Connie!