Breedon Church

8-12-12. Sunday school opened with reading of Psalms 119:81-89. Clara Lafferty led the opening prayer. We give thanks for the cool morning after this long heat spell. We are also thankful that Wilma Hampton is back with us. God is so good all the time. In bad times and valleys and the good times while on the mountains.

Sunday school lesson is continued in Acts 26. Paul is brought before King Agrippa after Felix and Festus heard his defense. He repeats how Jesus had come to him as he traveled to Damascus. Paul recounts how he had lived as a Pharisee and persecuted the Christians which now he has been converted to become. Jesus told him what he is to do in becoming a minister to the people and the Gentiles where his main ministry is to take place to turn them from Satan to God and to receive forgiveness for sins. Paul tells Agrippa he had not been disobedient to this commission so the Jews now wanted to kill him. Festus yelled out, “Paul thou art beside thyself; much learning doth make thee mad.” Paul responded “most noble Festus; I am not mad, but speak forth the words of truth and soberness” in verses 24 and 25. Paul knows that King Agrippa know of the things he has spoken of in his ministry for “these things were not done in a corner.”

How about you as you are reading this? Have you accepted Christ or are you as King Agrippa with “almost being persuaded.” ALMOST won’t get it friends. This is all or nothing. You either accept Jesus in your heart or you deny him and pillow your soul in hell. I pray that you ask Jesus to be your Savior and accept Him today in your hearts.

Our service changed to our worship service. We sang songs as a congregation. Susie Sisco sang a special. Bro. Cub took his text from II Timothy in using the gifts God gave us. God didn’t give us the spirit of fear and we are to testify of His love and saving grace. He saved us and gave us a Holy calling not according to our works, but because of His purpose through His grace by Jesus Christ. Bro. Cub moved on to the 20th chapter of Revelations that teaches us Satan is bound for one thousand years which afterwards he is freed to go and deceive all nations. Those that worshipped and had Christ in their hearts will live eternally with Him in heaven. When the book of life was opened, their name was found. The blood of Jesus had covered their sins. Those whose names were not found in the book of life were judged according to their works. There was no blood covering and all of our works are filthy rags in the sight of the Amighty God, therefore, this group shall be cast unto the lake of fire where Satan, the beast and the false prophet shall also go to be tormented night and day forever and ever. I beg of you friend to ask Jesus into your heart and cover you sins by His blood or you too will be in this group. God help you I pray.

I ask all readers to remember Bro. Cub in prayer. He had another heart attack this week and the doctors think he will benefit from a defibrilater, Medicare wants him to wait 40 days before helping him. Perhaps they think he would pass on over and they won’t have to spend the money he has paid in over his aging health needs. That’s our government for you. All greed and no compassion, but I know our God is able to far surpass the wickedness of all men – government leaders as well. Please ask God’s healing to him for a season. Thank you all and God bless and keep you. Have a great week.