Breedon Church

Hooray! We got some rain.  Our rain gauge said 2.5 inches.  We were so glad to get the rain even if we lost power because of the storm.  I think our power was out for 8 hrs. or so at our house.  At least it was out at night while the heat was more bearable.  Losing power is hard on dairy farmers.  Travis and Rhonda Little barely made it through the evening milking before the power went out, but still had to use the generator to cool the milk.  Thank goodness the power was back on just in time for their morning milking.

Last Sunday after church Wilma, Lee, and Darrell Hampton went to Shoney’s in Ozark to eat.  We heard them say they were going and decided it sounded good so we went too.  I think we surprised them!  It is so good to see Wilma getting around again.  This Sunday was Wilma’s Birthday.  Happy Birthday!!!

We are still studying the book of Acts in Sunday school but we’re just about through it.  Last Sunday Paul went on trial before Felix.  This Sunday he went on trial before Festus.

We missed Susie Sisco at church, she went to Louisiana to see her Aunt, Cub’s sister, who lives there.  We wish her a safe trip.  We are missing Angel at church lately.  She has her hands full with Noah’s brand new baby brother, Waylon.  We hope to see Angel and her boys back with us soon.

Cub read the prayer in Psalm 12 in reference to the political election season that is upon us.  We enjoy our weekly Bible Trivia Challenge questions here at Breedon Church.  We have a lot of fun trying to stump one another.  I will share one with you all, see if you can find it.  “Who put salt in the water to purify it?”  I’ll give the answer to that question next week.  Cub’s sermon was from Romans 12 and was about overcoming evil with good.  Being kind to people who have done wrong is how we can be a reflection of God’s own love and sacrifice.  It’s hard to remember and hard to do sometimes but that’s why we need God so much.  He makes us better people which makes this world a better place.

This Friday, August 10 is Singing Night at Breedon .  Also, the 4th Sunday Singing will be held at Breedon this month.  Our singings are always real good so come see us!