Bethany Baptist Church

During the past couple of weeks Bethany Baptist Church had three special speakers while Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen and Sally were on vacation. Bro. Tom Hawkins spoke on the life of Joseph in the Wednesday evening service. Bro. Bob Helms taught and preached Sunday morning. Bro. Jeff Corder spoke in the Sunday evening service from the Book of Ezra. Bethany Baptist is blessed with these men who have made Bible Study a priority in their lives.

Dan Stillings and his mother, Norma Stillings, sang a special song Sunday morning before Bro. Helms brought his message on Naaman the Leper.

Naaman was the captain of the host of the king of Syria. He was a great man of courage and honor and was held in high esteem by the king because the LORD had given him deliverance in their battles. But Naaman was a leper. Naaman had in the meantime brought away captive, a little maid. We do not know the name of this little maid, but we know that she had not forgotten her faith in God and the prophet, Elisha, and like Joseph and Daniel she had gained the respect of her captors. Naaman’s wife listened when the little maid told her about the prophet in Samaria.

The little maid was in captivity far away from her home, but she had brought her religion with her. No matter where we find ourselves, we should remember to give testimony of our faith to benefit others.

So when the king of Syria heard about the prophet in Samaria, he sent Naaman with a letter to the king of Israel. The message asking for healing was sent to the wrong man. People to day who should be seeking help from God are asking help from the government. The king could not heal Naaman. He thought that Naaman was just seeking a quarrel against him. The king rent his clothes in despair. It looked like Israel was in serious trouble.

When Elisha heard about the king’s predicament, he sent a message to let Naaman come to him. “He shall know that there is a prophet in Israel.” It would be well if the world knew there was a God blessing America. It would be better than guns and tanks, aircraft carriers, fighter planes and bombs. God had said to Israel that if they would honor God and keep his commandments that God would be their protector. Israel would be the head and not the tail. But Israel forgot God and turned to their own devices. They found themselves being scattered to the nations. America should take heed.

Naaman was sent to Elisha. Elisha could have come out and made a big show, but somehow he knew that Naaman had a bigger problem than the leprosy. When Elisha sent out a servant to tell Naaman to go dip in the Jordan seven times, Naaman was furious. He would have gone back home with his leprosy, but his servant said that if Elisha had asked him to do some great thing, he would have done it. So putting his pride aside, Naaman dipped himself in the Jordan River and came clean. Naaman found out that indeed there was a God in Israel.