Bethany Baptist Church

The people at Bethany Baptist Church enjoyed their Fifth Sunday Evening Fellowship Supper followed by a service of special songs and testimonies. Specials were done by the Bethany Baptist country strings group, the Jubilee Singers, the “Whosoever Will” Singers, the Youth Choir, the Stillings Family Trio, and Darlene and Sally Sorensen Duet. Several testimonies were given of thankfulness for salvation, for blessings received, and for the rain shower.

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message Sunday morning that he called, “Some ways Satan will try to take advantage of us.”


How can you keep Satan from taking advantage of you? Resist the devil, don’t give place to the him, not even an inch. God has not left us defenseless. We have the Bible. In it we have the warnings and instructions on how to overcome and that is by faith. We have the power of Almighty God available. We have the fellowship of Christians. We have testimonies of people who died in faith. We have the power of faith and prayer. Then there is the absolute certainty that Almighty God will have the final victory over Satan. So we know that we can be conquerors through faith.