Visitors of Linda, Bob and myself this past week have been Barb and Andy Williams and Hunter Diamond, Jack, Barb and Miracle, Doug and Kolton also visited us and fixed my security light. I sure did appreciate that.

Bob and Linda were in Springfield on Thursday. Susie and Bob spent several days at the lake with friends.

Galatia Pederson spent the weekend with Miracle and Saturday Barb, Jack and the girls went to Silver Dollar City. On Friday, Barb, Jack and Miracle visited with Chance, Kayla and girls and Terry, Delayna, Chase and Emma.

Wyatt spent Saturday night with Bob and Linda. I went to the barbershop and enjoyed listening to the music on Wednesday and also have visited with friends at Wal-Mart and McDonalds.

Joe, Tina and girls visited with Barb, Jack and Miracle one evening.

Hello to all my family and friends away from here.

Bob and Linda were in Branson Monday.

Until next week, God bless all.