We are thankful for the good rain we got on Saturday evening. Things sure look fresh and green out this morning.

This week I visited with Mary Calhoun Eads by phone and several other family members and friends.

Thursday, Bob and Linda McCleary and I visited Kevan and Karen Davis, Buster, Jenna and Jessie.

Saturday visitors of Bob and Linda McCleary and myself were Andy and Barbara Williams and Hunter; Carol and Robert Johnson of Mansfield and McKena, Kyle and J.W. Johnson from Kansas City.

Carol Williams brought me some tomatoes on Monday.

Chris Jones from Little Rock, Arkansas visited with Bryan Withers this week.

Preston Breshears, Chris and Bryan visited with me on Saturday.

Bob and Linda McCleary and I visited Life Church. We heard Buster. Linda’s grandson playing in the band. The service was very good and we visited with several friends there.

Until next time, may God bless.