Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law, Hugh and Violet Morris of Windsor, MO on their 73rd wedding anniversary.

Sounds like we’ll have another hot week – so will stay inside most of the time.

Staff Sgt., Tyler Breshears and wife, Amy, returned on leave from Hickman AFB. He is being transferred to Ft. Meads AFB in Maryland.

Preston and Lisa Breshears, Tyler’s father, hosted a get-together on Saturday for family and friends. Those attending were Jennifer and Bryan, Jack and Barbara Breshears, Dwayne and Teresa Nash, Terry and Delyana Dry and Tenley, Scott and Margie Black and Thomas and Lily and Mary from Joplin. We had a barbeque with all the trimmings and homemade ice cream. It was the first time in about 30 years since the schoolmates – Preston, Margie, Terry, Delayna, Dwayne and Teresa had got together.

On Friday night a get together at Jack and Barbara’s was enjoyed by Preston and Lisa Breshears, Jennifer and Bryan, Tyler Breshears, Dwayne and Teresa Nash, Miracle Breshears, Chris Breshears, Nancy Breshears, Bob and Linda McCleary and Mack Miller.

Saturday night visitors of Jack and Barbara Breshears were Tyler Breshears, Joe and Tim Wilson, Stephanie and Brittney.

We all extend our sympathy for the families of Quentin Bradshaw and Jimmy Viet for the loss of their loved ones.

Last Sunday Bob and Linda McCleary visited Kevan and Karen Davis and other family and grandkids.

Sharon Sanders visited with Jack and Barbara Breshears one afternoon.

Sunday after church Bob and Linda McCleary visited Kevan and Karen Davis, Justyn and Tiffany Davis, Rylee and Tyler.

I didn’t go to church today; I wasn’t feeling up to going. Bob and Susie Miller visited with us one day last week.

Sunday afternoon visitors of mine and Bob and Linda McCleary were Preston and Lisa Breshears and Jennifer and Bryan. Les and Theda Kay Sanders from Leasburg, MO.

Until next time, may God bless you all.