Ava Assembly of God

What a wonderful day to go to the house of our Lord and Saviour. We were truly blessed this morning from the time we entered the service . Pastor Buddy  brought us a great message this morning on laying our baggage down from Hebrews 12-1 and 1 Samuel 17. This will be the messages for the next few weeks so if you have baggage you are carrying around come to Ava Assembly and check it in with the baggage keeper. Pastor Buddy brought out five kinds of baggage we are carrying that keeps us from reaching the things God wants us to do. They were Unfulfilled, Expectations , Untreated Pain, Unresolved  Yesterdays, Unhealthy View of Self and Unrepentant Sin. If any of these is weighing you  down and keeping you from fulfilling the gifts of God for your life just bring them to Jesus and leave them with Him. What a great service with people at the altars at the end of service.

Come next Sunday to hear the next message as I cannot give you everything in here that Pastor Buddy brings to us to help us with our walk with God.

Our services are Sunday Morning at 8:30 and  11:00 a.m. with Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. Sunday School at 10:00 Sunday night at 6:00 and Wednesday night Bible study and prayer at 7:00 We would love to have you come and visit us.

Thought For The Week;  The best thing to do with the Bible is to  know it in the head, stow it in the heart, sow it in the world, and show it in the life.