Ava Assembly of God

We started our service with some songs and one of them was a  favorite of mine. I enjoy many of the songs that we have on Sunday morning and our singers do a great job. We enjoy camping down here and enjoying what God has given us, but we also enjoy camping in Canaans land from the bondage of sin by the grace of God.

Pastor Buddy brought us the message this morning from Acts 13-13-15 and James 3-1-12 on what the tongue can do. Also several scriptures from the book of Proverbs. One of the scriptures from Proverbs was Proverbs 10 -19 about refraining our lips. We should weigh our words before we speak because our words carry a lot of weight. Our ability to speak is the ability to influence others. There are 3 things that the tongue can do – it has the power to direct, as James tells us it is like a rudder on a ship or a bridle in a horses mouth . The Lord of our heart should be the Lord of our mouth. It also has the power to destroy  as James says it starts small, but destroys everything in it’s path way. Everything we say matters to everyone in our path’s and the third thing the tongue can do is  delight. We should speak encouragement to everyone not just think it, but speak it. Pastor Buddy does a great job as our Pastor and bringing us the Word.

The Prime Timers group are having a Bar-B-Q Friday night at the church. Meat will be provided. Everyone bring a side dish and contact Ted or Donna Storie for details.

Come visit us at Ava Assembly if you don’t have a home church, we would love to have you be with us. Our services are at 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning with Sunday School at 10:00 for all ages, Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. and Wednesday night Bible study and prayer at 7:00.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK;   If you wouldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it.