All Around Bradleyville

Thankful again for the good rain showers we have been getting. Would love a lot more rain, but of course will take what we get. The fields and yards are looking a lot better, and a lot greener.

I am in charge of mowing the Bradleyville Cemetery and it sure needs mowing right now. I didn’t mow all summer because it didn’t need it and I was also afraid of setting something on fire, but it has grown up pretty high now. I have planned to mow it for three weeks but it either rains a little on it and makes it too wet, or I have other things I have to get done.

Keep remembering Justin and Nikki Combs and their family in your prayers. Justin is now in therapy in Mt. Vernon. Seth, Paitin and Liddy only get to visit their dad on the weekends for a few hours which is hard on all of them. We are hoping and praying for a full recovery for Justin.

Scott Lawson’s dad, Ivan is back home between jobs, so Scott, Julie and Garrett have been getting to see a lot of him while he is here. Last Saturday night they went bowling with Ivan and the rest of the family in Mtn. Grove and had a good time.

Juanita Shortt had company Sunday when her granddaughter, Anita Wiles and family came down to visit and brought dinner to eat with her. That evening, Juanita visited her granddaughter Lynn Case and had supper with Lynn and her family.

Lois Lux and Kathy Compton have been going almost every night and enjoying the concerts at the Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollar City. Lois said there had been big crowds even through the rain that fell a few nights.

Bradleyville Junior High basketball will be at Plainview on Thursday, August 30, at home with Taneyville on Tuesday, September 4, and at Chadwick Thursday, September 6.

Bradleyville High School volleyball will be at Fordland on Friday, August 31, at Hurley Tuesday, September 4 and at home with New Covenant on Friday, September 7.


Birthdays for the coming week include: August 29: Abigail Pride, Joshua Nelson, Zach Shockey, Hailey Stafford, Gerald Yeary; August 30: Pauline Adams, Sara Case, John Combs, Kevin Easley, Joe Norwine, Heather Roberts; August 31: Johnny Cook, Becky Cummings, Doris Lambeth; September 1: Martin Almazan, Justin Dorsey; September 2: Kathy Tilley; September 3: Hunter Rogers, Sierra Saffle, Dorothy Siler, Lisa Tilley; September 4: Staci Beeler, Glenda Day, Autumn Shockey, Brooke Shockey; September 5: Tanessa Hall, Deb Johnson, Duane Johnson, Harley Lee, Keelie Plummer, Ed Ulrich.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: September 3: Rex and Kelli Clemans.