All Around Bradleyville

My hummingbirds have been swarming in extra large numbers and I wondered if maybe they were getting tanked up to leave for the season. It seems like everything this year has been a month ahead of where it usually is, but a friend told me she had heard on the news that because of the dry conditions this summer there wasn’t as many food sources for the hummers this year, so that may be why they are so plentiful all of a sudden. I’ve also heard before that it is all the new hummers that have hatched out this season. Either way, I have trouble keeping enough sugar for the little dive bombers.

We are so thankful for the good rains we have received lately, and hope they continue. We got close to two inches of rain last week. I actually had to mow the yard, for only the third time this summer.

Kevin Newlyn should be getting to come home from St. Louis this week where he has been hospitalized for a few weeks to have a mechanical heart pump implanted. Our prayers are with Kevin for a fast recovery.

School has started and I would like to remind everyone to be aware of the bus stops. Our bus stop is right in the middle of a blind curve and I can’t count how many times I have heard screeching brakes over the years. Even with all the signs and orange flags it seems that people don’t notice them.

High school volleyball and Junior High basketball will begin soon, with the first volleyball game at home on Tuesday, August 28 with Galena, and another game on the 31st at Fordland.  The first Junior High game will be on Thursday, August 30 at Plainview.

Birthdays for the coming week include: August 23: Emily Todd, Sissy Essary; August 24: Jeff Marsh, Hunter O’Neal; August 25: Heath Dalton, Janessa Hall, McKenna Hunsaker; August 26: Nancy Howie; August 28: Vicki Burkhart.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: August 26: Tom and Leah Schultz, Rodney and Gina Swift.