All Around Bradleyville

We are so thankful for the good rains we received the past week. We got over 3 inches of rain here and it was wonderful. I couldn’t stop from standing at the window or in the open door and just watching the rain fall. Now I won’t have to drag the garden hose around to water for a few days. My flowers and tomatoes are already looking better in appreciation.

Along with the rain, several of our neighbors had some damage from high winds Saturday evening. Jason and Alicia Crouch had several large limbs broken and some shingle damage, Lynn Case had a large limb blown onto her porch step and across the road from her house, Jim Ironside and the Horners had several limbs down and shingle damage also. Helen Maggard’s pretty Bradford pear tree beside her driveway was broken in two.

All the rain we received contributed to a large portion of ditch falling through right up to the edge of Highway 125 near Bob and Maxine Mason’s house last Sunday. It was thought for a while that the highway might have to be closed until it was fixed, but it was fixed that same day. It took several loads of dirt to fill up the hole.

I finally ended up with 10 chickens hatched from 24 eggs I had in an incubator. They are growing quickly and I still had them in a Rubbermaid tub in my laundry room. Well, they were getting too large for the tub and flying up to roost on the edge of the tub. Needless to say, they had made a mess of my laundry room, so Saturday I took it upon myself to finish a pen for them outside the back porch until we can get a little chicken house built for them. Yes, I am one of those people who put the chickens before the chicken house; at least I didn’t count my chickens before they hatched. Well, maybe I did a little bit. Anyway, by the time I finished the pen, I almost had a heat stroke. Bob came out several times and wanted me to come inside to cool off but I was determined to finish it so he ended up coming outside to help me finish it. I finally gave up and went inside because I was truly sick. They are in the pen now and they are enjoying having more room as much as I am enjoying having them out of the house.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Velma Hankins, who passed away on August 1. A funeral service for Velma was held last Saturday, August 4 at Bradleyville General Baptist Church where she was a faithful servant.

Our sympathy also goes out to the family of Bert Horner, who passed away August 3. Bert was also a faithful member of Bradleyville General Baptist Church. Services for Bert will be 2:00 p.m. Saturday, August 11, at New Vision General Baptist Church in Taneyville.

New Mansion Church will have a back to school bash on Sunday evening, August 12. I know there will be good food and fellowship and everyone is welcome. For more information you may call Jeff and Cindy Marsh or Belinda Wyman.

Birthdays for the coming week include: August 9: Shekinah Clemans, Margaret Herd, Calvin Phillips; August 10: Don Whittaker; August 11: Faye Gerdes, Ashley Mann, Brady O’Neal, David Phillips, Don Snow; August 12: Mark Brumfield, Gerry Stafford, Danny Williams; August 13: Kirk Baird, Delbert Johnson, Tamra Whittaker; August 14: Joyce Adams, Larry Clark, Sara Cook, Roger Hodges, Bonnie Hurst; August 15: Donna Blair, Ally Swift.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: August 9: David and Melinda Rogers, Waylon and Teresa Stafford; August 10: Robbie and Rebecca Campbell; August 11: Tom and Michelle Todd; August 12: Orville and Loretta Stiles.