All Around Bradleyville

Well, July has come and gone and was probably the hottest time I can ever remember. It has been this hot before, but to stay so hot for so long is surely a record. I know some can remember the drought years in the 50’s and from what I hear it was bad then too. Plus, most people around here had no air conditioning or maybe any fans and a wood cook stove to cook on for their meals and to can food for the winter.  The heat still hurts, especially for those that have to work out in it, but we need to remember how it used to be and count our blessings, and pray for rain and cooler temperatures. I saw a friend’s comment on facebook and my dad used to say it also, that people that complain and wish for the “good old days” probably didn’t live through them. It was a hard life for most people. I have always enjoyed summer and dreaded fall and winter, but this year I find it is reversed, I am actually looking forward to fall.

I’m sorry I didn’t find any time to get any news in the past couple of weeks. My dad passed away and my son was here on vacation at the same time so needless to say I didn’t even think of writing anything.

Our family, along with several friends and neighbors gathered together at New Mansion Church Saturday morning, July 21 for a memorial service for my father, Willie Sloan. I could feel all the support, love and prayers that poured out upon our family. It was a very special time honoring one of the most special men I have ever known, and I am proud to say he was my dad.

Part of the reason David was here on vacation was to attend the 10 year reunion of his high school class. The class of 2002 had their class reunion last Saturday and several showed up to visit with their former classmates. David said even though they all keep in touch somewhat through facebook and phone calls it was nice to see each other in person and visit.

Our family spent a couple of days at Buck Creek while David was here, playing in the water and just being together. It is one of our favorite places to be, and we always have a great time.

Please remember Alice Wyman in your thoughts and prayers. Sue Jenkins let me know that she has been in the hospital several days now in very serious condition.  Alice is such a kind, gracious lady and I always enjoy reading her news articles from Rueter.

Congratulations to a special young couple, Lindsay Marsh and Koleder Ross who got engaged while in Florida on vacation with Lindsay’s family this past week. Both Lindsay and Koleder attend college at College of the Ozarks.

From the pictures I saw on facebook, it looked like the Marsh family had a fabulous time on vacation in Florida. I think the whole family went and that is always a special and fun time.

Lois Lux made a trip the weekend of the 22nd to take her grandsons home. She met their parents halfway between here and Texas. Riley and Tipton spent at least a couple of weeks with Grandma Lois and attended Vacation Bible School at New Mansion Church with their cousins, Gavin and Levi Lux and I know the family spent a day or more at Silver Dollar City, making those great memories.

Corby and Lisa Lux, Gavin and Levi spent some time this past weekend at Buck Creek, having fun in the water, swimming and doing some fishing, and maybe a little tanning.

Birthdays for the coming week include: August 1: Curt Krause, Renee Newman, Dalton Silvey; August 2: Alicia Crouch, Bill Guerin, Staci Dalton; August 3: Harleigh Hodges; August 4: Carolyn Cook, Harris Day; August 5: Lacy Jasper, Lynn Case, Mark Norwine; August 6: Taylor McHaffie; August 7: Colby Matthews, Dennis Sartin; August 8: Mark Combs, Ethan Harmon.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: August 4: Gregg and Kelli Johnson; August 6: Erin and Valerie Guerin.