Last Weeks News – If only we could save some of this heat until winter, we might save on cost of fuel.

Remembering some of summer when we had no electricity, (with exception of a lightning strike), we used fans through the night. Now we call them the “good old days.”

My July 1st birthday was celebrated by friends and family at the Masonic Lodge basement Saturday evening (afternoon) from 1:00 until after 5:00. After the cake and punch, grandson, Chet, cooked our delicious evening meal. Coming from Salina, Kansas was grandson, Marlyn Eldon Pitcock Jr. and wife. They came out afterward, and daughter, Kris, took them to Dawt Mill area for sight-seeing. They drove back to Forsyth to his Dad’s to spend the night and Sunday, before returning to work in Salina.

I was sorry I couldn’t attend Dale and Barbara Roberts 50th Anniversary Celebration Saturday afternoon. I hear they had a nice time.

Theresa and Caitlyn Bridges from Kansas City spent the weekend with Ernestine Gaddy and attended church with her Sunday.

Louise (Trivitt) Seats visited Lorene White three days last week. She is near her sons home in Mountain Home. They along with Nadine, Velma and brother, Harlin Trivitt, visited Eutha Kirkland in the nursing home. Chester Trivitt visited his sisters also. Isabella Finley from Columbia, Missouri spent a week at Camp Kamanji and enjoyed time on the river in Minnesota, on Cass Lake, a girls camp.

Helen Conardy and I are receiving therapy treatments in Mountain Home weekly and more often for knee and leg problems, so we keep busy “keeping our appointments.”

I appreciated all the nice birthday cards, gifts and best wishes. I have been blessed with caring friends and family.

Friendly Neighbors Club members met this Thursday for their monthly meeting, at 10:00 a.m. in the health center basement.

There is a slightt chance of rainshowers this week. Any moisture will be welcome. Grass crunches under our feet as it’s so dry.

Best wishes to J.C. Taylor with his back problem. He has been in Ozark Medical Center in West Plains.

I am enjoying a box of various jars of jelly my New Cambria, Kansas granddaughter sent me by her brother. Also plum jelly from my good neighbor Loretta Davidson. Good vegetables came from daughter-in-law, Linaia Pitcock’s garden in Fair Grove.

I have a tree with peaches, but expect the deer may find them as they ripen!

Best wishes to all the sick folks and “hello” to cousins and friends who live away.

It was nice to have a phone call from Don Hathcock in Houston, Texas. He said it was hot and dry there also.

Until next time, try to keep cool and enjoy life as we only go through this one day at a time.

This weeks news – The 2nd week of July brings heat, but a slight chance of rain which we need badly. Maybe will change soon.

Maxine Smith says the hummingbirds keep her busy filling feeders. She found the disappearing sugar water was being devoured by a downy woodpecker so she hung a suet feeder for them and all was well until a coon tore up two of them, and overturned a five gallon bucket of bird seed on her back deck.

Congratulations to Will Uchtman and his Mtn. Home All-Star Traveling Baseball Team who won first place at Jonesboro, Arkansas Tournament State Champion. Regional games are to be played in Mississippi. Go Will, and win!

I appreciate all who made my July 1st birthday so special, including well wishes, 63 pretty cards, cakes and punch and folks dropping by the party, a special floral arrangement from the “Times” staff and others including Bonnie and Joyce Taylor from West Plains, O.J. Friend, flowers to enjoy and a box of homemade jelly from granddaughter in New Cambria, Kansas delivered by grandson, Marty Pitcock and wife and plum jelly and pretty towel from Loretta Davidson, and several money gifts. My niece and nephews from Springfield, along with phone calls made this the best birthday ever, with thanks to daughter, Kris and granddaughter, Dana, who planned the event. Not to be forgotten, a good friend, Mary Boze, brought a pretty scarf I will be wearing a lot.

I’m already on my way toward next years birthday! Garden vegetables from daughter-in-law, Linaia Pitcock’s garden, from Fair Grove, were appreciated also.

As it is now Monday morning we got a good rain shower last night, just under a half inch.

I appreciate grandson, Chet, who cooked a delicious evening meal for all the family Saturday. My oldest granddaughter, Lisa Keller, pinned on my corsage for my party.

The hot and dry weather has brought on the sale of livestock as pastures are dried up.

Jean Suman has her granddaughter, Mallory Smith, staying with her through July.

Peaches are now tree-ripened, and a favorite fruit this time of year, full of Vitamin A. I read where peach production for commercial shipments all over the USA began in Eastern States. At my Lilly Ridge home my family was blessed with a large orchard of fruit trees that my grandfather set out when he sold Stark Bros. trees. It was an extra business for him besides taking care of the sick in his medical profession, a M.D., from his home. One of his pear trees still stands on the home place, and has produced Keifer pears.

Helen Conardy and I have been getting some therapy at Mtn. Home twice a week on our feet and legs.

Gabe and Jayden, sons of Tara Miller, of Mountain Home, are staying with their grandmother, Lisa Keller, as Udall, this week. School will soon be starting and summer vacation over! Time gets away!

Congratulations to Gale Wooten being a 12 gallon blood donor recently.

Daughter, Kris and I visited Marlyn Pitcock’s at Forsyth, one day last week. He is fitted with a heart monitor vest by his doctor recently. Best wishes.

Until next week, best wishes to all who are sick, and may their health improve.