Sweden Church

For women, the operative word is ‘sale’, ‘discount’, or ‘clearance’; for men, it’s ‘auction’, ‘tool sale’, or ‘liquidation’.  Those very words and off they go to buy more stuff.  Bring it home to an already full closet, garage, shop or wherever.  The overflow just grows like it has a life of its’ own.  It’s a lot like the rich man who had so much he decided to tear down his old barns and build bigger ones to hold it all (Luke 12:13-21).

Eve did the same thing.  She had Paradise, a perfect life, no cares and no worries but she just had to have that apple (figuratively speaking).  It’s in Genesis 3:6.  The old serpent managed to make her feel that she should have more.  And so the story plays itself out over and over.  Where will it all stop?

Hebrews 13:5 says to be content with possessions.  It’s not necessary to want more or to worry about having more.  It’s more important to know when there’s enough and when to share with others.  There are charities and organizations that are looking for donations.  There are neighbors and friends who can use a hand up.  Remember Midas and the golden touch?  He wanted everything to turn to gold until his little girl ran up to him and turned to gold from a kiss.  All of a sudden this stuff didn’t matter.  He just wanted his daughter back.

John Wesley is a good example to go by.  Early on he lived on 28 pounds and gave 2 away.  As his income grew he still lived on 28 pounds and gave the rest of it away.  His rule was a simple one:  save all he could and give all he could.  It would be a good thing to work toward the same kind of goal.

The rich man in Luke died while he was building his barns.  What does he have to show for all his wealth?  He’s dead.  He didn’t make life any better for anyone but himself.  What does it matter when the grim reaper comes to claim his prize?

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