St. Francis Church

Sunday, July 15 was the sixth Sunday after Trinity, Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the epistle for the day, Romans 6:3 “like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the newness of life.” We must recognize that our old self dies when we become Christian. The importance of baptism is that it represents spiritual transformation and is a symbolic resurrection to new life, and is a representative of what the Holy Spirit has already done in our spiritual life. Our old self represents the Old Adam, or sinful man. Our new or Christian self represents union with the new Adam or Jesus Christ, his resurrection ended the reign of death.

Last Sunday, July 8, we had our summer picnic at the beautiful country home of Bishop Glen and Laurie Hartley and in spite of the heat, we had a very enjoyable time. We had hamburgers and hot dogs grilled outside on an open grill as well as many salads and side dishes brought by church members so we enjoyed much food, fellowship and large quantities of iced tea.

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