Sunday morning service was the children who attended Vacation Bible School. First thing was the pledges to the American, Christian flags, and the Bible. They brought us a beautiful program and did a great job. We applauded the workers who took care of teaching, cooking and cleaning, also, the drivers who brought the youngsters in and took them home.

We also, saw a video which included Brothers Gary Shelton and Robert Roberts each getting a pie in the face and on top of their heads.

Sunday evening Brother Roberts brought a short reading from Ecclesiastes then we all gathered around and had prayer.

Spending Monday and Wednesday with Bob and Nora Edwards was Alexis Swearengin. Others visiting during the week were Toby and Jacinda Sheppard, Shelden and Kendra Walker, Hunter Shelton and Miranda Milligan.

Delmar and I had quite a week. We went camping on Tuesday and that same day my mom, Nora Hunsaker fell and hurt her knee and arm so we came home the next day so I could see about her.

She is doing better but still sore.

We had several visitors this week, One evening Bevy Moore, Missy Breshears and Jayden came down and we had watermelon, then on Monday, Donna Bannister and Bevy Moore came down and we made 20 pie crusts to put in the freezer. I also made 2 fresh peach  and one fresh apple pies.

A couple of weeks ago, Delmar, Donna Bannister and I made a day trip and stopped by to visit the little store that River Stillwood has opened over by Vanzant, it was so neat to go into an oldtime type store where you could get a sandwich, cold soda pop, milk, cheese, bread, candy, gum, fresh produce, honey and canned goods. Also, a post office and lots of happy smiles and good conversation. We hope to make many more day trips to visit that little taste of days-gone-by store. It was also, good to see River looking so good and chipper. We plan to see you again soon, River.

Until next week, don’t forget to explore everything you can. A day may come when we are not able to do these things we so enjoy.